My Brother’s Blue Heron Poem

One day after the last leaf landed,
One before the first flake fell, a
Slate blue
Great Blue
Heron flew
Straight through, on his
Way to his
Mate who
Already waded a tropical river, where
Trees leave their leaves on, and
Birds never shiver.

Thomas Neely, circa 1993, all rights reserved

Today’s poem is written by my brother, Thomas Matthew Neely, who celebrates a milestone birthday on September 27. Tom and I canoed the entire 252-mile length of Michigan’s Grand River over a five-year period, completing our quest in 2020. Blue Herons often guided us down the river, and we considered them to be wise guides throughout our journey. We blogged about our trip at

Blue Heron along Michigan’s Grand River

Tom Neely (above, left) and Walt Whitman (above, right): could my brother and Walt Whitman be one and the same? I’ve never seen them together in the same room.

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All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “My Brother’s Blue Heron Poem

  1. What an amazing trip and special memory for you and your brother.
    The majestic Blue Heron, we’ve had a few visit our pond looking for a little snack. The past couple summers we’ve had a much smaller version, a Green Heron visit and hang out for quite a while looking for same, a small tasty treat.
    I enjoy your Monday’s, Occasional Poem.
    Thanks for sharing.


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