I Didn’t Tell a Soul


When you were seven 
you wrote me a note, 
decorated with hearts and flowers. 
You loved me to the moon and back,  
proclaiming me to be very nice 
but your love was conditional: 
I was to show your note to no one. 
Not to Nonna or your cousins. No one. 

And, Dear One, I did not, 
for I knew that one day 
you would love someone else 
as much as you loved me then, 
and I was determined  
to remain your most loved  
for as long as I could. 
The actual note (of course I saved it!).

Poem Notes: This is one of many poems I have written about a grandchild. I hope the reader – grandparent or not – finds something of value here.

Seasonal Notes: I love fall. One of my favorite lines from literature is found in ‘The Great Gatsby’ when Jordan Baker says, “Life starts all over again when things get crisp in the fall.” I believe that, and this blog is largely a product of the fall.

Music for Fall: ‘When the Leaves Come Falling Down’ is a beautiful song with graceful poetic lyrics by Van Morrison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7pAhNumuvo

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Joseph Neely, all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Tell a Soul

  1. I love the childhood story, you did tell me about that.
    “Life starts all over again when things get crisp in the fall.” Since moving from Az, I love the seasons. The colors of Fall and the freshness of Spring.


  2. By Thursday or Friday I’ve usually forgotten, and my week began a day ago; but – like every other Monday Morning – my joy pack is filled once again. Thank you for the sharing of your soul which lightens the load of my weekly walk. Question: did you feel at all the betrayer when you first published this poem? Or had you received permission? Thanks Joe. Blessings from my Samsung tablet – Dave Miller

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joseph, I envy you those lovely grandchildren! And, thanks for Van Morrison’s song. Beautiful music. How in the world could anybody listen to Rap, when they could hear such melancholy joy instead?


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