Update After Knee Replacement

My left knee was replaced 10 days ago. Recovery is a hard slog but there are small signs of improvement. I can now lift my surgical leg up into bed without help, which in turn allows Linda – for the first time since my surgery – to sleep through the night without getting up to help me. Hallelujah! I expect to be back to the regular publishing schedule (a new poem every Monday) on Monday, May 22, 2023.

Today a few friends from high school will bring me lunch. I generally agree with the old saw that “friends come into our life for a reason or a season,” but – for whatever reasons and unlike many others – these guys stayed for the long haul and I am grateful to them for that.

I have almost finished reading my first post-surgical book, ‘The Killer Angels’ by Michael Shaara, which is the story of Gettysburg as told through the eyes of various Confederate and Union officers. It is a novel which does not stray far – not far at all – from the events of that decisive battle. ‘The Killer Angels’ is often called the best novel of the American Civil War and I am glad to be reading it at last. The book has inspired me to combine my three Gettysburg poems into a suite, which I will accomplish and post here as energy allows. If interested, buy the book from a local bookstore here.

Set forth below is the full extent of original writing I have done since my surgery. I will likely move it to my ‘Warm-Up Exercises’ file, the place where I keep writings deemed worth preserving but unlikely to evolve into anything substantial. Perhaps I should call it my ‘It Is What It Is’ file.

A man I knew told me,
when we were both in our 40's,
that he had never taken a nap.
Not once, in his entire life.

He said it proudly,
wearing as a badge of honor
this clear proof of superiority
over any man who had ever napped.

I rarely think of him
and, truth be told, 
don’t miss him much at all.

            (J Neely, 5/10/23)

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. A New Poem Every Monday
(tho’ sometimes life gets in the way)

Joseph Neely, all rights to original material reserved.

10 thoughts on “Update After Knee Replacement

  1. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery, my brother in law had his right knee done. Prayers going up for a safe but speedy recovery.


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