can you haiku?


hard green tomatoes
on sunny fall windowsill
hope springs eternal

girls in winter boots
stomping through thin playground ice
surely spring is near

pterodactyl croak
of the passing blue heron
announces the spring

the first martini
was once as important as
thanksgiving itself

in nine million years
give or take a few million
this rock will be sand

Poem notes: I apologize for the corny headline while also admitting I am not an expert on haiku. I leave such expertise to friends like Pat Laster. My haiku conform to the basic 5-7-5 format, and I try to have the final line sum up or comment on the first two lines. Oh, and I include a seasonal reference when I can. That’s how Mr. McMullen taught us to write haiku at Scarlett Jr High in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Cheers!

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