The Nature of Love

(for my sister, who understands) 

Today you asked 
for a bite of my breakfast sausage 
and I gave you all that I had left - 
at least two-thirds - 
insisting I really didn't want it 
and, in fact, had debated 
whether to cook sausage at all, 
sausage to complete my breakfast 
of steel cut oats and fruit. 

I was happy when you popped that 
beautifully browned perfectly spiced 
breakfast sausage into your mouth 
with no idea of my sacrifice, 
for such is the nature of love. 

Poem Notes: For a poem about eating someone else’s food from a somewhat different perspective, see This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams. My poem is addressed to my wife but dedicated to my sister, who has had too many lessons in sacrifice. I love them both.

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