What Does a Poem-in-Progress Look Like?

Here in Michigan we were rocked by an ice storm last week. Our home has had no power or heat for four days now, but we are fortunate to be able to stay with family nearby. With little opportunity to write or work on a blog post, I decided to post a poem-in-progress. I thought some readers might enjoy seeing what gets crossed out and what will most likely remain. The inspiration for this poem is the line from the Bob Dylan song at the end of the poem. Bob Seger has a nice song referencing the Dog Star/Sirius . . . not one of his hits, but a nice song.


Friends and lovers
don’t often stay forever,
are not often forever,
and the time will come (? . . . ‘oft comes ?)
when those we thought hoped
would always be beloved
will barely register.

Best to think of them kindly,
fond memories now faded,
and hold tight to love which,
like the bright and constant star,
is there whenever each time we seek it,
undemanding and undimmed
by the passage of time.
is in the same spot (? undemanding and undimmed ?)
each time we seek it,
undimmed by the passage of time. (? undimmed from age to age. ?)

(I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul,
but don’t think twice, it’s alright. – Bob Dylan)

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