A Grandmother’s Wisdom

[my grandmother told me]
Luella (Billie) Small Verschoor, 1895 - 1990

my grandmother told me 
that money doesn't last 
and I won't remember 
raucous gin-soaked nights 
but only quiet times 
at home with those I love 

embracing now the final quarter 
how could I have questioned 
a grandmother's wisdom 

Poem Notes: Speaking of gin-soaked nights, I have written previously of getting sober in 2012. My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Italy, and I wondered whether I would remain abstinent during that trip. Italy, after all, produces some of the world’s best wines. Long story short, I did remain abstinent. It turns out that for me, mineral water ‘con gas’ was an adequate substitute for wine. There is a belief in some recovery circles that if one starts drinking again, he or she very quickly returns to the low levels which caused him or her to seek treatment in the first place. In other words, it is not a slow descent but rather a rapid plunge. Fortunately, I did not test that theory. Cheers!

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