Where Would You Live?


I would live in Wales
where poetry is written
by grandmothers and gardeners

for in America poetry is rarely read
beyond a certain age
or without the proper degree

and here we but whisper of poetry,
sharing our work only
with those we can trust.

So I would live in Wales,
where poetry is written
by bankers and butchers.

I would live in Wales,
where poetry is sometimes shouted
from the factory floor.

Poem Notes: This poem was inspired by a Rick Steves travel show in which he spoke of Wales as being a place where ordinary people write poetry and share it with friends and colleagues. I immediately thought, “I could live there!” and wrote a first draft of this poem. In America poetry is sometimes seen as the province of the academic elite, and woe be onto the poet who is not a member of that club. I recently wrote a poem entitled ‘I Could Live in Vermont’ after visiting that state; email me for a copy (see blog contact info). Where might you live? Leave a comment and let me know.

Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, 1914 – 1953.
His most well-known poem is perhaps
‘Do not go gentle into that good night’.

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