Warm-Up Exercises #2

Do these rise to the level of poetry? You tell me . . . but I hope they are fun, and a poet can’t be serious all the time. Enjoy! Warm-Up Exercises #1 was posted here on July 22, 2022.

Best not to meditate
on an empty stomach.
I breathe in meatloaf on rye,
breathe out Swiss and horseradish.
May the wind blow the leaves out of my yard,
while my neighbors' leaves remain
exactly where they are. 
Meatless Mondays sound great 
on Tuesday or Wednesday.
By Saturday or Sunday,
not so much.
Studies have shown that 61% of the elderly
and 72% of those who describe themselves
as 'strong supporters' of Donald Trump
stop for absolutely no reason
before entering a traffic round-about.

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